Uncovering The Hidden Treasures: All Easter Eggs In The Last Of Us Part III

The third episode of The Last of Us’s television adaptation was marked by interpersonal relationships and striking mismatches, but also stood out on social networks by the various references to other audiovisual products-the game that served as the base material for the work.
Even with the engaging plot of the characters Bill (Nick Offer man) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) taking over the episode, Easter Eggs left by the creators did not go unnoticed by the community.
Check out the references below:
ATTENTION: This article will contain spoilers of the series and the game.

Mortal Kombat better than Angel Knives?

Ellie would love video games, and that’s something we discovered in Left Behind-A Expansion of the first thou.
In a conversation with the character Riley, she talks about ‘The Turning’, a fight video game in which a character named Angel Knives can open a hole in an enemy’s chest and kick her head.
In the series, we see how Bella Ramsey’s Ellie discovers a Mortal Kombat arcade, a real game in our world.
Although there is no Angel Knives in the franchise, Ellie in the series replaced the character with the remarkable Milena, describing her as if she were one of her favorite characters.


Linda Ronstadt divides fate with Frank

From the first meal Frank and Bill share, the song Long Long Long Time, by Linda Grandstand, unites them.
The singer retired in 2012 due to a neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson.
As seen in the series, Frank also suffers from the progression of the same disease.

The old age represented by Arrival

The exciting final stretch of Bill and Frank’s story hits us with a lot of sentimentality.
In addition to the tragic issue of the event, the producers used a song that already represented sadness in another work of fiction: On the Nature of Daylight, used in the final stretch of the movie Arrival, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

Ellie’s shirt

This had already been revealed with the third episode promotional images: Ellie wins one of her iconic t-shirts at Bill and Frank’s house while preparing to start journey with Joel to the west.
In a box that says female t-shirts-which was probably a gift for Tess (Anna Torn)-the character played by Bella Ramsey finds this emblematic outfit.

The window

In an interview with Portal Inverse, the third chapter director, Peter Hear, confirms something that we all suspicious: the final scene window is a tribute to the opening screen windows of the franchise’s two games.
I didn’t know that, but my photography director, Eben Bolter, knew, because he played the games. Two things happen to this scene. When you play the original game, there was a menu screen with an airy window […

] I wanted one last moment with Bill and Frank and didn’t know how to do it. I just thought it was our last moment. In fact, we’re going back to Frank and Bill’s world for that last chance, he said.

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