Red Dead Redemption 2: Valentines Day Bonuses, 3x Rewards for Hardcore Missions, Free Community Outfit and More!

Romantic sensations come up this month in Red Dead online, with various occasions to match Valentine’s Day.
To name a few things, you will receive 5 chocolate boards, a bottle of brandy and the pink and black Oakley boots when you use February 14th.


Anyone who spreads a little love by greeting other players with Emotes receives an offer of over 50 % on roles of the levels established or recognized.
The highlights in February:
3x DO $, gold and XP for hardcore telegram objectives
2x DO $, gold and XP for trade route and for the blood cash chance cinders of the east
2x gold and XP in call to arms
2x DO $, GOLD and XP in Free Roam Missions and 30 % more XP for everyone who participates with a squad to complimentary stroll occasions and bounty hunts
Bonuses for Valentine’s Day: 5 chocolate tablets, a bottle of brandy, the pink and black Oakley boots and a deal over 50 % on roles of the actions developed or acknowledged for greetings from other gamers with an emote-all if you are on
Valentine’s Day plays
Three times DO $ and XP for presented series
All costs for irreversible troops are left out
The community outfit of the month, motivated by Breadbox in on Reddit and consisting of: the Ink stone hat, the hunter jacket, the everyday shirt (male character) or the Wilford t-shirt blouse (female character), the luxurious vest, the shooting gloves, the Cabrera
-H ants, the lumberjack boots, the Garden copper spores and a neckerchief
Temporally minimal clothing: the conch pants in silver and the red forest land gloves
Discounts: 30 % on Claude and racing horses, warehouse canines and storage styles, 40 % on saddles and enhanced saddles, revolvers, high-speed ammunition as well as 50 % on trousers and skirts
The provided series in February:
– February 6th: Group series: Hostile Area, Name Your Weapon, Plunder and Group Shootout
-13.02.: Racing series: races, open races, target races and open target races
– February 20th: Arrow and arch series: Make IT Count and target race
– February 27th: Public-Enemy series (hardcore).
Prime Video gaming: If you link your account in the Rockstar Games Social Club with Prime Gaming, you will receive five gold bars, and till March sixth there are also red Rule boots, a black Marshall coat and a deal of over 40 % on a high-end bearing fire.

In addition, the following benefits await you:.
Weekly bonuses:.
– February 6th: have fun with an irreversible team today and gets the black Tilt ham hat.
– February 13th: This week plays Contact us to Arms with a permanent team and gets the red variation of the Coventry jacket.
– February 27th: today closes a blood money opportunity with a permanent squad and gets silver conch pants.
– February 27th: have fun with a long-term squad today and gets the red forest land gloves.
Month-to-month benefits:.
Concludes from grief and gets a deal of over 50 % on a storage facility camping tent.
Make an item around the campfire and get an offer of over 40 % on the speed travel product.
Ends up in any race in the top 3 and get the emote subtle wave.
As constantly, you can find all the details on the Rock star Newswire.

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