Ignoring The Riot Games Ban: Pro Players Cause Controversy With Ryzes Rune Walking Over Waters

League of Legends developers have said several times that they refuse to create different versions of MOB, such as one for ordinary players and one for Pro Players.
The intention of Riot Games is that the professional level game is as different as possible for most of the community, so that ranked line players also feel a taste of competitive scenario.
However, this has never prevented the company from making some concessions to itself, such as the creation of the Champions Queue, a specific server for the LEC Players and the smaller leagues of Europe, and specific regulations prohibiting the use of certain resources from
Game, this last condition being the cause of a recent controversy in the competitive scenario.
Riot has banned pro players from using Rye with the rune walking on the waters.

The situation of Rye in the professional scenario of lol

Rye’s combination with rune walking over the waters is a complicated question in LOL for some time, but apparently developers have been hesitant in how to deal with it.
Rune grants higher movement speed and adaptive force when entering the river.
This situation we need to remember to take into account the passive of Rye, which converts part of its MANA skill power.
Thus, being in Rio as Rye increases its AP, which increases its maximum MANA, which regenerates the current MANA in an amount equal to the maximum increase of MANA.
The first two buffs are disabled when the player leaves Rio, but the third remains.
The first case of this combination, prohibited by Riot Games, in the competitive scenario, was with Perez, who was mistakenly or intentionally used Rye and Rune in LEC.


The point is that, even if the use is forbidden, EMEA’s eSports director Maximilian Peter Schmidt barely scolded him.

You may have noticed that Perez used walking on the waters in Rye yesterday, which is currently forbidden in the professional game. Our competitive operations team determined that he did not get a significant advantage with this rune. Team Vitality will be fined according to
the previous precedents.
The amount of the fine applied to Vitality was less than €1,000.
The value is derisory if we consider that it means nothing for the club, which will not be impacted by punishment.

Things get more serious

Perez’s violation happened over a week ago and, unsurprisingly, others pro players followed his example, either because they do not fear repercussions greater than a small fine or pure carelessness.
The most recent case happened in a match between KOI and Fanatic Team Quest, in which the means of the organization founded by IAI Llanos and Gerard Piqué also made use of the prohibited combination.
Things were slightly more serious after this case and a text was added to the incident section of the arbitration minutes.
The Back player used the combination not allowed by the Riot Games of Run Campinas’s official bugs on the waters along with champion Rye. The game will later analyze to review the player’s conduct, and can be penalized, with warning in the case of
Not taking advantage of the exploit, until the loss of the match and its sanction otherwise.
This type of situation has been repeating itself on multiple occasions and different professional alloys over the last years and whose precedents have been established by Riot, as the developer created a regulation, but does not apply it, leaving the decision to apply or not a
Punishment in the hands of judges.
In this way, it was a matter of time until these cases become a great controversy.
There have been situations in which complicated bugs happened even at the LOL World Cup.

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