Unpacking Samsungs New Z Series: What To Expect From The Galaxy Unpack 2023 Event

Samsung Electronics announced a new Z series at the Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2022 event in the second half of last year, and 10 am on February 1 this year (2 am local time, 3 am in Korea)
The book series has been released.
In addition to offline events, it was broadcast live through YouTube Live Stream.

The Galaxy Unpack event is Samsung’s Galaxy public presentation, which introduces new Galaxy products.
The Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2023 unveiled the Galaxy S23 series and the Galaxy Book 3 Series, and announced the future of Samsung Electronics’ mobile business in the future.

The main products of the event are the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Book Ultra, emphasizing the higher product performance and the advanced convenience.
Row Daemon, president of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Division, said, The Galaxy S23 series is a product that can be convinced that it is the best of the Galaxy S series in terms of performance and quality.
You don’t have to worry about choice between sustainability.
The Galaxy Book 3 Series, which has strong performance and smooth connectivity, will provide high productivity and creativity as a customized product for Galaxy users.

The next generation S series ‘Galaxy S23’ released (official launch on February 17th / Prior sale on February 7, Korea)

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, the flagship product of the S23 series, has improved performance in the previous generation.
It showed high technology, including 200 million pixel cameras and 6.8-inch Quad HD 120Hz edge display.
In addition, the Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 are equipped with a 50 million pixel camerae with 6.6 and 6.1 type FHD+ 120Hz flat displays, respectively.

Combining upgraded camera sensors and AI-based technologies, it is easy to take a quick and clear photo shoot in any environment.
Above all, you can shoot without distinguishing between day and night through unique Infography.

In addition, the Galaxy S23+and the Galaxy S23 also eliminated the contour cut camera housing that wrapped the lens, and minimized the so-called ‘Vanuatu’ and applied a cleaner and slender design.

Performance cannot be ignored.
By strengthening cooperation with Qualcomm, we have optimized the Galaxy Snapdragon® 8 second-generation model to the Galaxy S23 series.

In addition, the Galaxy S23 series showed strong security.
Samsung’s chipset security platform, Samsung Knox Vault, safely protects users’ personal information such as password, biometrics, and authentication key in a separate physical space.

Security and Privacy Dashboard features allows you to see the apps that access consumers’ information at a glance.
In addition, the user can choose whether the app in use to allow or refuse to access the personal information of the consumer.

The Galaxy S23 series will be released in the world’s market, including Korea, from February 17.
In Korea, pre-sales will be made from February 7 to 13.
Colors are available in four types of phantom black, cream, green and lavender.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will be released in Korea, will be released with 256 GB and 512 GB storage based on 12 GB RAM.
The price is 1,59,400 won and 172,400 won, respectively.
The 1 TB storage model is sold by Samsung.com and is 1,96,400 won.

In addition, the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+are equipped with 256 GB and 512 GB storage, respectively, based on 8 GB RAM.

The Galaxy S23 costs 256 GB and 512 GB models of 1155,000 won and 1276,000 won, respectively, while the Galaxy S23+is 256 GB and 512 GB, respectively.

In addition, you can see the exclusive colors of the Galaxy S23 series.
Samsung Electronics will launch four additional colors of graphite, sky blue, red, and lime in four colors of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and will be sold by Samsung.com.
In addition, the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+will be released for 2 graphite and lime colors for Samsung.com.

Premium Notebook Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Public (Official Launch on February 22 / Preliminary Sale on February 14 in Korea)

The Galaxy Book 3 Series has the highest performance of the Galaxy Book series with upgraded CPUs, GPUs, and Display.
It is equipped with an Intel 13th generation processor to enjoy the game with faster work processing and improved performance.


Among them, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is equipped with the Intel i9 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 external graphics, which can also perform high performance such as graphics and high-end games.
In addition, even though it is a high-end notebook, it has a thin thickness of 16.5 mm and a light weight of 1.79 kg.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 is a product for content creators, supporting 40.6 cm touch screens and S Pen, which rotates 360 degrees, to capture both rabbits with both tablets and PC usability.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro is an ultra-slim and ultra-light product, with a weight of 1.17 kg and a thickness of 11.3 mm, providing compact size and high portability.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Book 3 Series introduced a dynamic AMOLED 2X display for Galaxy smartphones.
It shows a 16:10 ratio, a 3K resolution (2,880 x 1,800), and a maximum of 120Hz, and provides vivid colors and vivid image quality in video and games.

It has been recognized for high quality displays by acquiring various global certifications such as.

Audio performance has also been greatly improved.
The newly applied quad speaker system offers richer and cleaner sounds, and the studio quality dual microphone and AI noise-canceling features make it more vivid when talking.

Basic convenience, such as batteries and charging, has also increased.
The Galaxy Book 3 Series offers a USB-C-type universal charger, and the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra supports up to 100W of high-speed charging up to an improved existing product.

In addition, the Galaxy Book 3 Series supports smooth connections with Galaxy Mobile products easily and quickly.
The Galaxy Book 3 supported the connection with the Galaxy smartphone through the Phone Link app with Microsoft’s mobile phone and greatly improved productivity.

Samsung Electronics will start selling the domestic pre-sale of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra on February 14th.
The official release date is February 22.
The Galaxy Book 3 Pro Series will begin in Korea on February 2, and the official release date is February 17th.

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra will be released in a graphite color of 40.6 cm in size, while the Galaxy 3 Pro 360 is 40.6 cm, and the Galaxy Book 3 Pro will be released in two colors: graphite and beige, which is 35.6 cm and 40.6 cm.

The price of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra will be released from 3.47 million won depending on the specifications, the Galaxy Book 3 Pro from 1.88 million won, and the Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 will be released from 2.59 million won.
Samsung Electronics plans to provide various purchasing benefits such as upgrading storage capacity, MS Office package, notebook pouch, and content subscription service during the pre-sale period.

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