League of Legends: The Champion With The Lowest Damage Can Actually Have The Best Winrate

In League of Legends, the main objective is to end the rival link before they do.
To achieve the task, you must end your opponents, in addition to demolishing their structures that protect their base.
Many people think that making a high amount of damage you have many more chances of winning, but this is not always the case.
The proof of this is this champion that we will talk about now, which has the lowest damage to the games and against the highest percentage of victories

Strafing dominates with her music

The champion, or rather the champion, in question is Strafing.

Currently, the Support has an imposing victories rate of 53.73 %, although it only inflicts 16 647 of damage per departure.
To put in context, the second champion with less damage is Nil ah, with only 17,055.
The champion that inflicts more damage is Dog’Maw with 26,375 and 50.86 of Win rat.
Strafing is usually played in the support position, but sometimes it is chosen as ADC when combined with other distance supports such as Senna, Son or Ashe and even in some competitive games, such as Bison, they have played it in
It is no accident that these three champions are also the ones with the most games played as a duo in the lower lane (according to third-party pages).
This type of matching in the lower lane usually works very well.
Strafing and his partner can use their damage spells in area to push and harass opponents throughout the game.
In addition, these champions have a slight tendency to protect and cure themselves, which makes it difficult to attack them at the beginning of the games.


Anyway, if you like to play Strafing, now is the time.
Despite its impressive victories, they only choose it in 1.1 % of the maps and have a ridiculous blocking rate of 0.5 %.
Therefore, it is very likely that you want to select it and cause chaos with your priests and bis to the rivals.

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