8 Nintendo Switch Games That Just Didnt Hit The Mark

Not all Nintendo Switch video games are real hits.


In some games you even truly upset yourself after the purchase.
From Mario to Pokémon-these 8 Change video games have disappointed you.

Nintendo Change: 8 Frustrations

The Nintendo Shop is now so substantial that you quickly lose track of it in the game Ocean.
Which games are actually great and which ones are not worth it?
Looking for the next portable hit, many fall into the traps of the designers and sometimes purchase expensive video games that are unworthy their rate.
We have searched discuss Reddit for you to find the biggest false purchases of Change players.
Have a look at our image series to discover in which games you must be cautious:
From in-house video games from the Nintendo brand name to Indies: In our list there are a wide range of video games, for which gamers have paid far excessive cash.
Do you agree to the list or do you have your own incorrect purchases?

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