Hate Posters At 1. FC Köln-RB Leipzig Match: What Consequences Will Follow?

The hate posters versus RB Leipzig’s sports director Max Ebert throughout the away game versus 1. FC Cologne (0-0) will probably have actually followed.
Referee Martin Petersen stated the picture that he had noted the events in the video game report.


During the video game, he noticed the saying bands, but could not check out the content.
We saw that posters were shown, however we might not read what was composed there from the field. The video game was so intense that we had our focus totally on the game management, said Petersen.

Cologne fans had revealed a number of insulting sayings versus Ebert and, to name a few things, mocked his fatigue.
If Petersen had actually checked out the texts, he would have thought of procedures and most likely likewise started them.
It is questionable whether the DFB’s three-stage strategy applies in this case, which provides steps from a stadium statement to the termination.
In September there was a similar case when fans of Borussia Mönchengladbach revealed damaged post against Ebert in the game against Leipzig.
At that time, the stadium spokesperson cautioned the fans to hang a poster, otherwise referee Patrick Dietrich would interrupt the game.
This also led to contradiction, since it indicates in the three-stage plan that criticism in the form of transparent or speech choirs can be very direct, impolite, unmatched or unappetizing without the video game being interrupted.
This is only possible with personified risks of violence, such as someone in the crosshairs.

Max Ebert reacts shocked to dislike posters

Sportsmanwalt Christoph Schickhardt would still have actually wanted intervention.
The fourth referee or a DFB observer in the stands should recognize and react such posters. No game should be continued amongst hate slogans. I expressly state that as an attorney of RB Leipzig, said the 67-.
Years of the photo.
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Ebert had actually reacted shocked to the posters.
I would be interested to understand whether these people understand exactly what burnout suggests. Burnout indicates that people invest themselves until they can no longer and beyond this point, stated the 49-year-old, who likewise in Perfume because of his past at the arch-rival.
Playback is not extremely popular.

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