Is It True? Could Cristiano Ronaldo Really Help Bring Peace Between Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Does football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo bring peace in between Israel and Saudi Arabia?
This insane concept is stated to be discussed in the Jerusalem Foreign Ministry.
Cristiano Ronaldo has actually already done a lot in his unparalleled career: he got various national titles in different nations, clearing 5 Champions League victories, he ended up being European champ and a number of times world footballer.
Can the Portuguese football star likewise end political conflicts?
This hope is apparently currently available in Israel.
According to a report by the television station Kan News there, the Israeli Foreign Minister is doing everything possible to make sure that the popular footballer handles to normalize the relationships in between Saudi Arabia and Israel.
After his end, Ronaldo had recently changed to FC Al-Aqsa, a Saudi Arab football club from the capital Road.
Why does Israel’s policy elite think about CR7?
The concept behind the strategy is that Ronaldo, with its well over 550 million Instagram fans, can help alter popular opinion in Saudi Arabia so that there can be continuing peace in between the two nations.

I do not believe the peace depends upon Ronaldo

How far the thought is already solid is not understood.
The report is currently being discussed intensively, and there is still no last choice.


It is also not known whether the Portuguese has already been contacted.
Ronaldo currently campaigned for Israeli companies, such as the telecoms company ‘Hot’.
The plan of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that in the future, Saudi Arabia of Abraham Accords Statement also follows and the diplomatic file signs, as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain did recently.
Can CR7 help?
I do not believe the peace in between the 2 nations depends upon Ronaldo. There are still a couple of things that are more important, prices estimate Build the Kan News reporter Gil Cohen.

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