Somehow Duplicated: The Bizarre Reason Why Borussia Dortmund Missed the Break

After the half-time break of the cup round of the cup in between VFL Bochum and Borussia Dortmund, many a viewer rubbed their eyes and questioned: Why don’t the BVB experts come back on the yard?
Goalscorer Eyre Can offer a curious factor afterwards.
The entire group of VFL Bochum was already back, the referee team around Tobias Staider was likewise ready for the restart and the players of Borussia Dortmund?
After the half-time break of the round of 16 of the DFB Cup, they were nearly 5 minutes long before the round might kick off two.
Numerous fans in the Ruhr Arena had actually already ended up being audibly restless.
Following the 2-1 win of BVB, objective scorer Eyre Can deliver the description: The bell in the Dortmund cabin was apparently broken.


The black and yellow had not taken a look at the clock.
We remained in the cabin Seder who has actually already played here, he knows that the courses are a bit longer here-and we didn’t discover it at all, said Can at Sky.
Then someone stated and came that the Consumers would already be outside, and we have to come gradually. We have planned and vibrant it a bit.

BVB delay no objective

According to goalkeeper Gregor Nobel, the team had actually observed anything from the unrest in the stadium.
The Swiss declared to Sky that the delay was not an intent.
On the other hand, the longer break appeared to have been an advantage for Edwin Eric’s group.
Regardless of the 1-0 lead by Eyre Can (45. +1), shortly prior to the break, it was the house team from Bochum who stood the tone after the restart.
Attack for attack rolled on the box of Gregor Nobel, who parried twice against Christopher Antwi-Adjei two times.
After a questionable penalty (64th), VFL was able to compensate for in the meantime, but Joker Marco Reus (70th) had the ability to make its way into the quarter-finals for BVB best.

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