Where To Find The Best Slurp Barrels In Fortnite: A Guide To Replenishing Health & Shield

Slurp Barrels are the simplest objects to replenish your health or shield among other consumables such as shield potions, Slurp Juice, Slap Juice and much more.
The new Fortnite update contains a set of quests, one of which includes the destruction of Slurp Barrels.
Here’s how you can find and destroy Slurp Barrels in Fortnite, chapter 4, season 1.

How to find and destroy Slurp Barrel locations in Fortnite

Slurp Barrel is a therapeutic subject that first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. The barrel contains a liquid with healing properties.
Players need to destroy Slurp Barrels in a weekly quest consisting of four stages.
The completion of each stage will bring 16,000 XP players.
Although they are scattered throughout the map, there are certain places where players will find them the most.
After destruction, each Slurp Barrel gave 10 HP.
Players can abundantly find Slurp Barrels in Brutal Bastion, Faulty Splits and Shattered Slabs.
Look at the image of the card above, where the POI is circled in yellow to find these barrels.

fierce bastion

Brutal Bastion is one of the most disputed points of interest on the map.
Players may expect several opponents to land in this place.
This POI has many Slurp Barrels, and it is better to quickly break them, and not look for the potions of the shield.
The detection of Slurp Barrels at the beginning of the game may be an advantage over others during the battle.

The wrong split

Faulty Splits is another point of interest where players can easily find Slurp Barrels.
Players can find many Slurp Barrels in the Bowling Hall, where John Rocha walks.
In the same way, in the house opposite Scrap Knight Jules there are also several Slurp Barrels, which players can destroy.

frauded slabs

In POI, split plates players will find many barrels with squelching, especially in houses south of the NPC Wild Card.
In wooden houses above the plates in the POI center, there are also several barrels of squelching.


This is another strongly contested place, so players need to quickly raise their shields before joining the battle.
After it is found, players need to get closer to the barrels and use the tool for harvesting.
Continue to beat the Slurp barrel and wait until it explodes, which will automatically increase your health or shield.

Slurp Barrels give both health and shield, which makes them an important asset in situations where the player has little health or experience.
Just like Chug Splash and Slurp Juice without a vault, Slurp Barrel first gives priority to health, and then goes to the shield if the players have +100 HP.
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