Where to Find Giant Toads and Toad Warts in Hogwarts Legacy – Explore Magical Areas, Meet New Characters and Discover Unique Spells

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore endless mountainous areas, meet new characters, study unique spells and find magic animals.
Giant toads are one of the animals that you will encounter, and you can save them and bring them to vivaria.
The salvation of these magical creatures from poachers will allow you to keep them safe in the room of requirements.
Here’s how to get giant purple toads and toad warts in the Hogwarts heritage.

Where to find giant purple toads in Hogwarts: Heritage?

Magic animals can be saved from various lairs scattered across the map.
The symbol of the paw denotes the lair on the map.
Giant purple toads also live in their dens, and the first of them that you find are located in the area of the swamps of the Northern Ford.
One is located south of the fireplace flame of the San Baker tower, and the other is far away.
To the east of the combat arena.
Check the yellow circles on the image of the map higher to see the exact location of these two laws of giant purple toads.
Around the main attractions, you can find several other lairs of giant purple toads, but the easiest way to get to two in the swamp of the Northern Ford.
You will need to go to the San Baker tower at the beginning of the main storyline, so do not forget to activate the fireplace flame in the area, visiting this region.


Other laws of giant purple toads are located north of the Transpire, south of the North Sea swamp, on Lake Marine, south of the upper Hogs field and on the island to the west of the Lamar coast.
Remember that you must perform the Elf’s quest, a bag with a Gab and weaving machine to unlock the first vi varies in the Hogwarts heritage.
Here you can shelter and grow all the magic animals saved from wildlife.

where to get toad warts at Hogwarts Legacy

Worship warts-magical materials that give giant purple toads.
You can purchase them from bred and pitch for 400 galleons.
You can also purchase this item from Indira Wolf, another merchant located west of the San Baker tower.
In the same way, you can grow giant purple toads in Vivaria in order to regularly receive magical materials from them.
Water toads are an important resource necessary to improve equipment and add features to it in the Hogwarts Heritage.
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