Wondering How Many Storm Sigils Can You Get Per Week in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

The last expansion of World of Warcraft, Dragon flight, presents a large amount of new content to explore and, more importantly, all new and powerful teams, such as the Raging Tempest team.
The good thing is that you can update it to a team with primal infusion, but it will cost you enough storm vigils to improve the whole set.
To update the team as soon as possible, here is how many Storm Sidings you can get per week in World of Warcraft: Dragon flight.


How many storm sigils you can win weekly in World of Warcraft: Dragon flight

Given the amount of weekly missions in which you can participate, you can get 8 Storm Sidings per week in World of Warcraft: Dragon flight.
If you can complete the main Storm arise mission and ends its first lot of weekly missions, you can get 9 Storm Sidings, but it is just a unique treatment.
World of Warcraft: Dragon flight has four repeatable weekly missions that you can get these stamps:
Dissipating air finalists (weekly mission)
Extinct fire finalists (weekly mission)
Destroying Earth’s finalists (weekly mission)
Vaporize water finalists (weekly mission)
Each weekly mission gives you 2 Storm Vigils in Dragon flight, while the main mission Storm arises only gives you one.
Infuse your Raging Tempest team, it will cost between 5 and 14 Storm Sidings, which means that a single week of agriculture could potentially improve a single piece of equipment.

Now you are up-to-date with how many Storm Sidings you can get per week at World of Warcraft: Dragon flight.
We suggest being attentive to when the weekly missions begin too, considering that every 3 hours are updated.
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