Page Title: One Piece Episode 1054: What Will Happen Next? Summary of Previous Episode and Release Date

One Piece Episode 1054: What will happen next?
Summary of the previous episode!
One Piece Episode 1054: Release date
Fans may not catch up with the new episode in the short term.

And the episode we are talking about is the 1054 episode of One Piece.
The last one was an explosive exit.
It was seen that Memo was doing everything possible to end the catastrophe that ravaged the city of Want.
But there are other things happening in the city.
But due to the pause, fans will not know the following stories in the short term.
So, here is everything you need to know about the new one.
In the next story, the spectators will see Momonosuke in their best form so far.
Yamato has done his job of making the child realize his potential.
But now, the only thing he doesn’t know is how to destroy an entire planet!

One Piece Episode 1054: What will happen later?

The previous view of the next has been launched on the Internet.
Therefore, we know that the next title will be Death to your partner!
The deadly game.
This episode will continue the fight between Queen and Kanji.
The last showed that Kanji’s body was no longer like that of a human.
It was evident that all the experiments he did were working on him.
And now, it was very difficult to find a way to defeat man.
Now, Episode 1054 of One Piece will open with Luffy’s entrance.


We will see what the child has been doing all this time.
While Want’s protection is a work of a much later era, the priority is to end Died, who can inflict more damage to all this.

Summary of the previous episode!

The last episode, One Piece Episode 1054, began with the conversation between Yamato and Momonosuke discussing the plan to save the city finally.
But there was no way that they could move the entire flying city of Onigashima so that it would not fall on them.
Memo was creating as many clouds as I could to keep the planet afloat.
And it was time for Yamato to move from there.
She said Memo would handle the situation on her own.
On the other hand, Queen continued attacking Kanji.
During the course of the fight, Queen states that his body had become stronger after all the alterations and experiments that he made himself.
The episode comes to an end with Queen making an attack that finally breaks his sword instead of doing something good.

One Piece Episode 1054: Release date

As mentioned, the last one will face a delay in its launch.
At the time of writing this article, the creators have not clarified the reason for this interruption.
But we do have the final release date of the next.
Then, episode 1054 of One Piece will be released on March 19, 2023. All anime episodes will be found only in the official Netflix pages.
Finally, we will make sure to update this section as soon as there are more details about it.
Therefore, be attentive to The Anime Daily to obtain all the updates here.

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