Twitch Grand Prix 2: Ibai Karts Event with Sergio Ferra, Jaime Algersuari and 12 Content Creators

After the great success of the first edition that offered us an infarction ending, IAI repeats the format of the KARTS to make the Twitch Grand Prix 2. In it, and unlike the last edition, which was weekend and
That did not coincide with formula 1 tests in between, has forced to adjust some plans, especially that of the commentators.

That is why we will not have the essence of this event, since the replacements are of a lot of level.
IAI will be accompanied by Sergio Ferry, creator of content in KOI and narrator of the Kings League and by Jaime Alfuersuari, which was one of the novelties in the presentation of teams, and who was Expileoto de Formula 1 after competing in Too Ross during several campaigns.

What time and where can I see the GP Twitch 2?

GP schedule Twitch 2

The event will start this Wednesday, February 22 from 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular.
(It is possible that it can start with a few minutes of delay since they will have to explain to the participants all the rules to assemble in a KART).

Where to see the GP Twitch 2?

As practically always, these tests and events can follow them on the IAI Llanos Twitch channel.

Participants and Escuderías

At the moment, nothing of team directors have been announced, as happened last year, but we already know how IAI’s events and surprises that can reach, so each team could have a person to them to
I indicated the pilots when they are on the track.


Streamers and colors of your equipment

  • Red Team: Shirt and Comanche
  • Yellow Equip: Rico and Carola
  • Purple team: Elmo and Marched
  • Blue Team: Bloop and permute
  • Brown team: Sparsity and Jaylen
  • Orange Team: Disaster and Skin
  • Pink equipment: Pausenpai and Under
  • Black Team: Even and Boozer
  • White Team: Luna Clark and Nil García
  • Green Team: Nuclear and Abby
  • Silver Team: Non and Denizen
    With everything already prepared it will have to wait a few hours to see the pilots on the track and discover if a pilot can unseat and crowned as a new Twitch Grand Prize champion

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