1 and season 2 of WOWDragonflight Patch 10.1 Release Date & Season 2 Info – WOW Latest News & Rumors

Here we talk about all the information, leaks and rumors concerning the release date of the Dragon flight Patch 10.1 on World of Warcraft.
This new patch is the first major content update for the new extension, bringing a new RAID as well as season 2 of MM+ and PVP.
Update: TO Monday, March 20.

Release date for Patch 10.1

For the moment, no official release date was announced for Patch 10.1.
Officially, all that is known is that season 2 must start in the spring or even in early June, according to the roadmap published by Blizzard (in English).

However, you can speculate on a release date.
Indeed, the raid test period must end at the earliest on April 21 (date of the last day of test announced officially by Blizzard on the PTR).


Generally, a content patch does not come out of less two or three weeks after the end of the test period.
Taking into account the release of Diablo IV on June 6, it therefore seems unlikely that Blizzard will release season 2 at the same time as one of his main games.
Therefore, we consider two possibilities.
The first one an outing in mid-May, which leaves about two months of testing on the PTR and 3 weeks of margin with the release of Diablo IV.
The second, a me or even exit at the end of June, just over three months of testing on the PTR and two weeks of margin compared to the release of the new Diablo.
Our choice is rather on the first option, with an end of season 1 around the end of April or even first week of May then two weeks of preseason with Arrived of season 2 the week of May 17 or May 24.
This would allow the period of progress and the RWF before the release of the new Diablo.
A release in June would make season 1 relatively long since it started in December.
So much for information on the release date of Dragon flight Patch 10.1, offering Arrived from season 2 on World of Warcraft.
In the meantime, you can find their information and guides on our World of Warcraft portal.

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