NBA 2K24 New Additions: Dribble, Shooting, Badges and More

Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience as NBA 2K24 brings a slew of thrilling additions and updates. Mike Wang’s insights have unveiled exciting changes, from expanded dribble animations to revamped shooting mechanics. This guide dives deep into all the latest news, ensuring you’re up to speed with every detail. Stay tuned to discover how NBA 2K24 is raising the bar for basketball gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Dribble Animations and Styles

One of the most significant updates this year is the expansion of dribble animations and motion styles. Mike Wang clarifies that there are 150 motion styles, but the breakdown is even more exciting:

  • 25 Dribble Styles
  • 31 Behind-the-Back Animations
  • 18 Step-Back Moves
  • 45 Crossovers
  • 27 Hesitation Moves
  • 26 Escape Dribbles
  • 20 Combo Packs
  • 102 Breakdown Combos (a new addition)
  • 67 Size-Up Moves
  • 30 Spin Moves

These animations are signature packages, each containing multiple animations within them. Particularly intriguing are the new Combo Packs and Breakdown Combos – something to keep an eye on!

Shooting Mechanics and Dunking

Mike Wang has addressed concerns about shooting mechanics and dunking. In NBA 2K24, the focus is on making the game more skill-based and realistic. You’ll only be able to hit green releases with the meter for dunks consistently. Additionally, dunking will require more precise timing, adding a new layer of challenge and authenticity to the game.

Layups for Big Men

For tall, big men with the ability to reach high and perform decent layups, NBA 2K24 brings good news. Layups for these players will be more manageable to convert, ensuring that their size advantage is reflected appropriately. This change aims to balance realism with gameplay satisfaction.

New Badges in Honor of the Mamba

In a touching tribute, NBA 2K24 will introduce 24 new badges in honour of Kobe Bryant. These badges will likely add fresh strategic options and customization possibilities for players, letting you enhance your skills and gameplay in unique ways.

AI Shooting Accuracy

NBA 2K24 will significantly improve AI player shooting accuracy. When controlling AI teammates who are excellent shooters, like Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson, you can expect them to hit their shots more consistently, making the game feel more immersive and strategic.

Rookie Difficulty in MyCareer

For players who enjoy an easier challenge, the Rookie difficulty will be available in MyCareer mode in NBA 2K24. This option caters to a wider range of players, ensuring everyone can have a rewarding experience according to their skill level.

Adrenaline Bars for Post Moves

The new adrenaline bar mechanic is introduced for post-moves. Adrenaline bars won’t be consumed during post-backdowns, box-outs, or fights for positioning in the paint. They will only be used up when performing face-up drive attempts, adding a layer of strategy to these situations.

Park-Specific Dribble Moves

While Park size-ups won’t be returning, there will be Park-specific dribble moves. These moves, such as nutmegs and M1-type tricks, will add a distinctive flavour to the Park experience, enhancing the creativity and style of your gameplay.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Mike Wang addresses concerns about taller players moving like guards, emphasizing that very tall players will need more agility and speed than smaller ones.
  • Walking size-ups, which some players enjoyed in the past, might make a return as dribble breakdown combos.
  • Shot meter ratings will affect both regular mid-range shots and mid-range post fades. Badge effects will play a crucial role in these shot types.
  • Rookie difficulty is making a comeback in MyCareer mode, catering to players who enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience.


These updates and additions promise to make NBA 2K24 an even more exciting and immersive gaming experience. With improved shooting mechanics, fresh animations, and a strong focus on realism, NBA 2K24 is gearing up to be a game-changing release. Keep an eye out for more news and details leading up to the game’s launch, and get ready to hit the virtual courts with renewed enthusiasm! Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s all look forward to the exciting gameplay NBA 2K24 is set to offer.

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