What Are the Top Features of FC 24 That Make It Stand Out?

In the world of sports video games, FIFA has been a long-standing giant. While the series has faced its fair share of criticism in the past, it’s important to recognize the positive aspects of each new installment. FIFA 24, or FC 24 as it’s playfully referred to, brings several noteworthy improvements and features to the table. In this guide, we’ll explore every good thing about FC 24. So, let’s dive in and acknowledge the game’s strengths.

Improved Gameplay

FIFA has often been criticized for its gameplay mechanics, but FIFA 24 brings some refreshing changes. Although some fans may have complaints about elements like dribbling and close control, overall gameplay quality has significantly improved. This year, it’s not all about speed. You can now play a more realistic and controlled style of football, moving away from constantly relying on pace.

Balanced Player Stats

In the past, having players with low Pace was considered a disadvantage. FIFA 24, however, introduces a more balanced approach. Players are now evaluated based on a combination of attributes. For instance, a player with 96 Shooting, 93 Passing, 89 Physical, and 78 Pace can still be a valuable asset to your team. This change means you can now enjoy more diversity in your squad.

Play Styles

The introduction of Play Styles adds a unique dimension to FIFA 24. At first, this feature might seem like glorified traits, but it actually makes players feel more distinctive. Instead of just temporary traits in Career Mode, players now have permanent Play Styles based on their real-life characteristics. This feature adds depth and authenticity to the game, making it more enjoyable.

FC24 Evolutions in Ultimate Team

One of the most significant changes in FIFA 24 is the inclusion of FC24 Evolutions in Ultimate Team. This feature allows you to take your favorite players and improve their performance by completing objectives. It’s a game-changing addition that makes every team unique. Now, you can enhance players that you genuinely appreciate and elevate them in your squad.

Women’s Football in Ultimate Team

FIFA 24 introduces Women’s Football to Ultimate Team, which is a commendable step towards inclusivity. With many excellent women’s cards available, you can strengthen your team in a way that synergizes well with other players. This addition shows that FIFA is making an effort to recognize the growing popularity and talent in women’s football.

Player Ratings

FIFA 24 offers better recognition of player performance, especially for high-profile players. For instance, Victor Osimhen, who guided Napoli to their first Serie A title in over 30 years, receives an impressive 88 rating. It’s rewarding to see deserving players get the respect they deserve, even if not all ratings are perfect.

Underrated Players

FIFA 24 shines a light on underrated players like Antoine Griezmann. His rating has been bumped up to 88 while playing for Atletico Madrid. This recognition gives a sense of realism and fairness to the game, acknowledging the contributions of under-the-radar talents.

New Celebrations

FIFA is known for adding new celebrations each year. In FIFA 24, you can now celebrate with popular moves like Sam K’s backflip, Marcus Rashford’s thoughtful gesture, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration. And if you’re looking for a unique celebration, there’s even the option to curl up into a ball and roll around – pure fun!

Offside Replay Animation

A new offside replay animation adds to the realism of the game. While it’s not a major gameplay change, it enhances the overall experience and keeps things fresh.

Auto Position Changes

Ultimate Team introduces a convenient feature in FIFA 24 – auto position changes. When you place a player in a secondary position that’s listed on their card, their position automatically adjusts. This saves you from the hassle of using position change cards and allows for more flexibility in squad building.

Improved Career Mode

FIFA 24 brings more realism to Career Mode with tables that reflect actual performances. While it might not please Chelsea fans, it’s a nice touch that adds authenticity to the game. Additionally, the new tactical view in career mode allows you to simulate a game while staying involved in the tactical decisions.

On-Pitch Statistics

On-pitch statistics offer valuable insights into your game. These stats show your chances of winning during the match, shot accuracy, fatigue levels of your players, and more. This feature helps you make informed decisions about player substitutions and tactics during the game.

FIFA 24, or FC 24, offers a host of positive changes and features that enhance the overall gaming experience. It’s important to acknowledge these improvements, as they contribute to the enjoyment and authenticity of the game. From gameplay enhancements to recognitions of underrated players, FIFA 24 has something for every football fan. While there may still be areas for improvement, it’s essential to appreciate the strides taken to make the game more enjoyable and immersive. So, whether you’re a seasoned FIFA player or new to the series, there’s a lot to love in FIFA 24.

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