Maden 24 Coins Making Guide: Top 8 Best Ways | 300K + Profits

In Madden 24, making coins is a vital part of building a successful Ultimate Team. Having a steady flow of MUT coins can significantly impact your gameplay experience. In this guide, we’ll explore eight easy and effective ways to make coins, with a focus on strategies that can earn you up to 300K in profits. From sniping cards in the auction house to utilizing event-specific opportunities, we’ll cover a range of methods that cater to various budget sizes.

Way 1. Trick-or-Treat Treats

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to earn some treats for the Trick-or-Treat promo, head over to the “Monster Mayhem” segment. Here, you can play games and win free treats, which not only help you progress through the field pass but also earn you valuable items and currency.

Way 2. Sniping 83s and 84s

Sniping low-rated cards, particularly 83 and 84 overall players, is a reliable method to make coins. Look for 83-rated cards at a bargain, and then repost them for a profit. For instance, you can purchase these cards for around 10,000 coins and sell them for 15,000, making a substantial profit. This method works well for most feared players too.

Way 3. Flipping 82s

Invest in 82-rated players and use them to complete sets, such as the 84-85 exchange or Team Builder sets. Alternatively, you can relist them for a higher price, typically around 8,500-9,000 coins. Since many players receive Mut Rewards, there are plenty of opportunities for you to snipe these cards.

Way 4 . Team Builder Sets

Explore Team Builder sets as a coin-making strategy. These sets involve collecting 82-rated players from specific teams to complete Team Builder sets. You can sell these sets for a profit, particularly during promos or when the demand is high for specific team builders.

Way 5. Grid Iron Guardians

Dive into the GridIron Guardians program and search for valuable 86 and 87-rated cards. These cards can be used in sets or sold on the auction house for a considerable profit. If you can snipe 86s at around 50,000 coins and 87s at 90,000 coins, you’re on the path to great earnings.

Way 6. Sniping 87s

One of the most profitable methods involves sniping 87-rated players. Look for them in the auction house, targeting the ones listed around 100,000 coins, and then repost them for 110,000-120,000 coins. The demand for these players is high, and you can earn a solid profit with each snipe.

Way 7. The 84-85 Exchange

Invest in 84-rated players, which you can find at around 24,000 coins. Use these players to complete the 84-85 exchange set. This method provides a reliable way to generate cheap training for your team, and you can even profit by selling the resulting 85-rated players.

Way 8. Playbook Method for Low Stacks

For those with lower budgets, the Playbook Method is an excellent way to turn a small investment into significant profits. Search for gold players, preferably at 100-200 coins, and use them to complete Playbook sets. You can sell the Playbooks for substantial returns.

There you have it, eight easy ways to make coins in Madden 24, potentially earning you up to 300K in profits. Whether you have a high or low stack, there’s a method that suits your budget and playing style. Be diligent, keep an eye on the market, and stay informed about player demand, and you’ll be well on your way to building a formidable Madden Ultimate Team while accumulating wealth. Good luck on your coin-making journey!

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