ESO November 2023 Guide: Halloween, Crown Gifting, and More

November in The Elder Scrolls Online is a month of excitement and opportunities. With Halloween in full swing and significant updates on the horizon, ESO players are in for a treat. In this guide, we’ll explore how to make gold, the return of Crown gifting, essential Halloween event items, and a sneak peek at the upcoming Gates of Oblivion event. We’ll also delve into the ESO economy and how you can capitalize on current trends.

Easy Ways to Make Gold

One of the most common questions players have is how to make ESO gold, and November offers some lucrative opportunities. Perfect Roe, a valuable crafting material, has seen a significant price increase due to its use in XP potions and other consumables. With double XP events and the release of Endless Archive, it’s in high demand. New and returning players can easily farm Perfect Roe, thanks to the simplified fishing system. It’s a great way to bolster your in-game wealth.

Crown Gifting Returns

Crown gifting has made its triumphant return to ESO. Players can send Crown Store items to friends or guild members, facilitating trading, gifting, and market growth. Crown prices have surged, and they’re expected to normalize as more players regain access to Crown gifting. This presents an excellent opportunity for those who want to purchase in-game items with gold, such as expansions, mounts, houses, and furniture.

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is in full swing in ESO, and it’s time to collect valuable items like the Bewitched Sugar Skulls recipe. This recipe is a must-have, as it allows you to craft powerful food that boosts your character’s stats. The recipe is currently affordable during the event, but its value will rise throughout the year, making it a wise investment.

Preparing for Endless Archive

Endless Archive, a new and unique content addition, is coming to consoles soon and is already available on PC. It offers Solo and Companion Duo playstyles, requiring different sets and builds. As a proactive player, you can invest in sets that are likely to become valuable due to their relevance in Endless Archive. Sets like Gourmand, Ancient Dragon Guard, Briarheart, Order’s Wrath, and Hexo are highly recommended. Crafters can benefit by crafting and selling these sets in the market.

Gates of Oblivion Event

The Gates of Oblivion event, set to feature Blackwood, FarGrave, RockGrove, and other associated content, promises exciting opportunities. Treasure maps from these zones are exceptionally valuable, making them a focus for dedicated players. Daily quests in these zones offer substantial rewards, and various sets from these locations continue to sell well. The event is expected to be a significant in-game event, so stay tuned for more details and a dedicated guide to help you make the most of it.

Companion Gear

With the introduction of the companion system in update 40, companion gear has become highly sought after. Gear that increases health, reduces cooldowns, and lowers damage is particularly valuable. Keep an eye out for these companion gear pieces, as they can be profitable to sell on the market. Even blue-quality items with desirable traits can fetch a good price.

November is an eventful month for ESO players, with opportunities to earn gold, participate in Halloween festivities, make use of Crown gifting, and prepare for the Gates of Oblivion event. Keep an eye on valuable sets, companion gear, and in-game events to make the most of your ESO experience. If you’re interested in more detailed guides on any of the topics mentioned, let us know in the comments.

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